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Susan Freeman parlayed her ten years as a high school teacher into a successful comedy career.  (Ironically, the former teacher was a high school dropout - probably because she didn't "just say no to drugs" until 20 years later.)  Combine that with her background as a former business owner, then business broker for "the largest business broker network in the world," and you've got ideal entertainment for corporate or club venues.  In 2009, Susan was featured in Tulsa People Magazine;  in 2010, she spent two weeks entertaining troops in Kuwait & Iraq;  and in 2011, she performed in clubs throughout the United Kingdom.  Susan currently braves weather and speed traps throughout the country to bring her edgy, honest comedy to the stage.

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Question:  "I don't see any performance dates on this website after 2013; what was Susan Freeman doing in 2014-2015?"
Answer:  She performed at some of the old places and a bunch of new places. She was busy enough to drop the ball with updating this website. She loves touring and hates techno-management.  She is mildly-entertained by referring to herself in the third person. She hopes you will have a lovely day.

1/13/16, 7:30 p.m., Loony Bin Comedy Club
                                  6808 S. Memorial Dr.
2/19/16, 8:00 p.m., Comedy Parlor
                                   328 E. 1st St.

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